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All the fic that I'd completed over the past two months and just hadn't gotten around to posting, all the pictures I had saved from years of family vacationing and term papers that I had finished are gone. G-O-N-E.

This is what I get for not buying an external and backing up every byte of information when I was given the chance. Yeah. I'm stupid. I know. I ... I actually cried. Then I got over it and came up with a plan and tomorrow am headed to a computer store nearby to see if they can save any of my crap ... someone say a prayer, a chant, a whatever, to whomever you need to for me. PLEASE.

If all I get are the term papers and pictures I'll be happy. If my fangirl pics of DBSK and Star Trek are somewhere among all that, I'll be ecstatic XD

If they can't save anything? I'll mark it down as one of those things that just can't be helped and move the fuck on. Because if I can't get the stuff back then I might as well just start collecting pictures and plot bunnies all over again, right? Right?

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I'm Baaaaaccccccckkkkkkk



I should probably should just declare a hiatus and be done with it but WHATEVER I am back ... hopefully? Probably? Maybe?

Lets go with maybe because plans are tentative at this point. Tentatively tentative.

Who knows, maybe the world will end tomorrow. Maybe we'll all die in our sleep. Maybe I'm just full of shit. MAYBE I'M TIRED AND SHOULD EITHER GO TO SLEEP OR FINISH WRITING THAT STUPID PAPER THAT IS DUE IN TEN HOURS. Or maybe I should STFU while ya'll update me on what's been going on in this grand thing that we humans like to write poetry for, pretend doesn't exist on other planets, sing songs about, take from the cows that become hamburgers and the chickens that become nuggets (or the beans that become tofu for you vegetarians out there). THIS THING CALLED LIFE.

Or, more specifically, your life.

Whomever's life as long as someone fills me in on what the hell I've missed over the past couple of ... semesters ... >.>

umm ... I love you guys? please to not be hating me D:
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This journal is not friend locked but this is an introductory post for everyone who has added me ... or might just be meandering by :D

I'm Amanda, I'm legal as of early '09, an undercover fanfic writer with a not so secret love for hot Asian boys who tends to do this ---> ............... <--- quite a lot for no apparent reason and because I went to primary school in the Caribbean I use a bunch of British spelling even though I'm American.

undressah is my platonic wifey, I write a shit load of fic for bamcycle because she has all the good ideas (and she gives me rootbeer) and my life is basically one massive non sequitor even though I try to remain coherent a good portion of the time.

I do have an account set up on dreamwidth but I'm a retard at coding so I'm not putting the link up until I've made everything look preeeeettttyyy and, while I haven't been on msn or aim for a while, just ask and I'll send you my e-mails for either or.

Welcome to le journal.

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Not 15 DAYS since I last posted anything on this journal but 15 WEEKS.

How in the hell did that happen?!

I'm going to do better though ... pinky swear ... and now that Winter Hols are coming up maybe I'll have time to finish a few of the fics that have been cluttering my desktop in abandoned disappointment. Maybe.

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Title: Q & A Kindergarten Style
Authour: maroonladybug
Pairing: There isn't one :D
Rating: PG
A/N: Let’s pretend, for the sake of not making Bones and Scotty look like they failed Kindergarten, that everyone is the same age and live in the same place, be that on a ship, the moon or wherever. Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt found here.

Collapse )
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Next Chapter!

Title: Five Men and a Baby: Chapter 4
Author: maroonladybug
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: HoMin
Length: Approx.1,515
Disclaimer: I’m lazy so, if you want a proper disclaimer, click here
Warnings: mpreg, angst?, boys touching other boys (at some point), infrequent updating, distinct lack of beta,Yoochun smoking off-screen and blogs of doom.
Summary: Changmin gets Yunho preggers … shut up …
A/N: See the yuxo-ish (♥) note left at the bottom, please and thank you’s. This is dedicated to two people; kiri125 for dropping an aphid to remind me to update another story … which yes, inexplicably, lead to my updating this (:D) and of course fiat_amorfati who has sole claim on the plot. Sorry, love, there isn’t any knitting in this chapter.

Five Men and a Baby: Chapter 4
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SO! I came upon this video completely by accident the other day (and by "the other day" I mean a few weeks ago) and flailed just a little bit because wtf it is awesome. I then proceeded to tell bamcycle about how I'd found this new video of the boys and was in love with it and then she did that silent thing she does before basically calling me a fucktard in the nicest way possible because this song was released on their first Japanese album in 2006.

Thanks for looking out Kacy.

It's still one of my favourites though :)