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This journal is not friend locked but this is an introductory post for everyone who has added me ... or might just be meandering by :D

I'm Amanda, I'm legal as of early '09, an undercover fanfic writer with a not so secret love for hot Asian boys who tends to do this ---> ............... <--- quite a lot for no apparent reason and because I went to primary school in the Caribbean I use a bunch of British spelling even though I'm American.

undressah is my platonic wifey, I write a shit load of fic for bamcycle because she has all the good ideas (and she gives me rootbeer) and my life is basically one massive non sequitor even though I try to remain coherent a good portion of the time.

I do have an account set up on dreamwidth but I'm a retard at coding so I'm not putting the link up until I've made everything look preeeeettttyyy and, while I haven't been on msn or aim for a while, just ask and I'll send you my e-mails for either or.

Welcome to le journal.

Tags: real life is real
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