maroonladybug (maroonladybug) wrote,

I'm Baaaaaccccccckkkkkkk



I should probably should just declare a hiatus and be done with it but WHATEVER I am back ... hopefully? Probably? Maybe?

Lets go with maybe because plans are tentative at this point. Tentatively tentative.

Who knows, maybe the world will end tomorrow. Maybe we'll all die in our sleep. Maybe I'm just full of shit. MAYBE I'M TIRED AND SHOULD EITHER GO TO SLEEP OR FINISH WRITING THAT STUPID PAPER THAT IS DUE IN TEN HOURS. Or maybe I should STFU while ya'll update me on what's been going on in this grand thing that we humans like to write poetry for, pretend doesn't exist on other planets, sing songs about, take from the cows that become hamburgers and the chickens that become nuggets (or the beans that become tofu for you vegetarians out there). THIS THING CALLED LIFE.

Or, more specifically, your life.

Whomever's life as long as someone fills me in on what the hell I've missed over the past couple of ... semesters ... >.>

umm ... I love you guys? please to not be hating me D:
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